Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Relationship Between the Hashoo Foundation and the Hashoo Group 

The Hashoo Group and Hashoo Foundation are totally two different entities. The Hashoo Group is not the parent organization of the Hashoo Foundation, however Hashoo Foundation was established by the Hashoo Family in 1988 as their desire to contribute to social capital of Pakistan. The Hashoo Group is a corporate entity runs by Hashoo Family and Chair by Sadruddin Hashwani. The Hashoo Group deals in different businesses including, Chain of Pearl Continental & Marriott hotels, Real Estate, Banking, Oil & Gas and so forth. While, the Hashoo Foundation is a non-profit NGO working in economic and social development of the marginalized communities of the Pakistan.

Hashoo Group is not buying honey from the women. Hashoo Foundation buys the raw honey from its partners women honey producers and processes, packages and labels and markets the honey. Only 45% of the packed honey is sold to the Hashoo Group and the remaining 55% honey is sold to:

- PIA (Pakistan International Airlines)
- Serena Hotels
- Marriott Hotels
- Pearl-Continental Hotels
- Range of domestic supermarkets across the Punjab region of Pakistan
- Canteen Supply Department (Chain of Stores)
- D. Dalton
- Shaheen
- Retail market
- Embassies
- Ministries

At the moment the whole process is subsided by the Foundation but it is intended that once the program is taken to scale then the surplus income generated will be reinvested on trainings and provided bee hives and production kits to new poor women very much in the same way as our partner women honey producers invest their additional wealth in the education and general welfare of their children.

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