Tuesday, November 25, 2014

'Eid Gift Packs' Distribution Among Children to Flood in Jehlum

Employee volunteerism is a core value of Hashoo Foundation's Culture of Excellence and employees are strongly encouraged to develop a humanitarian spirit. The Foundation carried out a special relief activity in which employees distributed 'Eid Gift Packs' in flood relief camps in Jehlum.  


The 'Eid Gift Packs' were donated by Dr Zeba Vanek and distributed among children of village Shanti Nagar, District Jehlum. Each gift pack included essential food, clothing and household items.


Hashoo Foundation's management is committed to help flood victims in time of need and has been actively engaged in relief activities throughout the country. 

Hashoo Foundation's management is committed to help flood victims in time of need and has been actively engaged in relief activities throughout the country. Employee volunteerism is a core value of Hashoo Foundation's Culture of Excellence and employees are strongly encouraged to develop a humanitarian spirit.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hashoo Foundation Implements New Honey Bee Farming Project in Leepa Neelam Valley in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK)

Honey bee farming has undoubtedly been the flagship program of Hashoo Foundation. This program empowers women with the necessary knowledge, skills and a platform from which they can now sell their honey and generate a sustainable income.

The Hashoo Foundation is also empowering and training men in honey bee farming. The newest program was implemented in the valleys of Leepa and Neelam in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), a collaborative effort between the Hashoo Foundation and Pakistan Army. 

Group picture & distribution of bee hives and production kits (2)
Group picture & distribution of beehives and production kits 
This venture was challenging for both partners due to the cultural and gender constraints of the region. Seventy five (75) underprivileged local men were selected and trained in honey bee keeping. One hundred and fifty beehives (150) and production kits were allocated to this group. 

Frame making Dudhnial Neelum
Frame making Dudhnial Neelum
Major General, Mr. Faheem ul Aziz, appreciated the role Hashoo Foundation had in uplifting the economic status of the residents in AJK. He further shed light upon the positive impact he had noticed within the district and encouraged the trained beekeepers to become role models for their communities; especially the next generation.

Training Session Jamghar Neelum
Training session Jamghar Neelum
Hashoo Foundation continues helping individuals develop sustainable livelihoods for their families and their communities.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hashoo Foundation and Rotary Sharing Knowledge and Increasing Literacy Levels in Pakistan

Hashoo Foundation and Rotary conducted a prestigious Rotary Books Distribution Ceremony on Thursday, September 25, 2014, to honour the free distribution of the books donated by “Rotary Books for the World and The Second Wind Foundation.” The teachers from various schools received their approved books from the Rotary Books Club, Islamabad.

Mr Sulaiman Dhanani, Chief Financial Officer and Director Operations Hashoo Foundation and Ms Nafeesa Khattak, Member National Assembly, Governor Rotary Club, Islamabad distributing the books to Muhammad Arshad, Principal Rise International School, Islamabad at Umeed-e-Noor, Islamabad
The partnership between Rotary, Hashoo Foundation and various educational institutions aims to create a linkage between the development sector and academia for the cognitive and social growth of students that ultimately contributes in economic growth and stability of the country. The event also acknowledged Rotary and the Foundation’s role in uplifting the literacy standards of the youth by providing free access to the books ranging from primary up to higher educational levels.

The event was graced by notable individuals and professionals that included: Nafeesa Khattak, Member National Assembly and Governor Rotary Club Islamabad; Abdul Mannan President Rotary Club Rawalpindi; Col. M. Sadiq Projects Director HF; Sulaiman Dhanani Chief Financial Officer and Director Operations Hashoo Foundation; and Ishfaq Ahmed, Director Finance/Admin Hashoo Foundation.

The event highlights were inspirational speeches from teachers whose lives are transformed by the project. Muhammad Arshad, Principal Rise International School, Islamabad, explained how the free books allocated to their schools empowered the students to have a free access to quality reading and meet the educational needs of today. This was followed by distribution of the Rotary books.

Ms. Nafeesa Khattak reiterated the importance reading books and how can they actually reduce depression in individual. She said that despite being married early in her life, books have been her best teacher, which ultimately helped her be more qualified. She appreciated Rotary and Hashoo Foundation's ongoing efforts for providing such a valuable content to those who cannot afford to read.

Thousands of books are being distributed to educational institutions all over the country.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Sahara Fund Success Story - Aqib's Small Automobile Repair Shop Helps Support His Mother, Brothers and Sisters

The Sahara Fund is an ongoing Programme initiated by the Hashoo Foundation (HF) and Hashoo Group to provide relief and rehabilitation to those affected by the Marriott Hotel Islamabad bomb blast of September 20, 2008, which killed at least 54 and injured more than 266 people.

The Hashoo Foundation continues implementing its plan for relief and rehabilitation of the victims. These efforts are coordinated and executed within the overall relief and rehabilitation plan in collaboration with governmental, non-governmental and international donors.

As part of the rehabilitation plan, the Foundation has been helping poor families for the last four years with monthly financial assistance of Rs. 5,500. The Foundation not only supports the poor in emergencies, but also promotes long term and sustainable initiatives among the beneficiaries. The Social Welfare Programme Team (SWP) identifies potential beneficiaries through follow up visits and helps the selected beneficiaries establish small businesses as a way to promote the sustainability of the families.

Success Story 

Aqib Nawaz belongs to a poor family of Kohat district. His father, M. Nawaz was working at Phoenix security service and was on duty near the Marriott Hotel Islamabad on September 20, 2008. Unfortunately, M. Nawaz died during the tragic Marriot Hotel bomb blast tragedy leaving behind five dependents.

Figure 1 Aqib in his automobile repairing shop

Aqib was selected to start a small business since he had some automobile repairing skill. SWP team motivated the family to initiate a small-scale automobile repairing shop. SWP team prepared the business plan and helped the family with a lump sum amount to start the auto mobile repairing business instead of the monthly financial assistance.

Figure 2 Outlook of the Aqib's shop 

Currently, Aqib’s business runs smoothly with a net monthly profit of Rs. 12,000, which is twice as much the monthly financial assistance the Hashoo Foundation provided to his family.

Figure 3 SWP team member visists Aqib in his shop

“Hashoo Foundation helped support my family when I wondered how I was going to feed my children after the sudden death of my husband. Hashoo Foundation never left me feel alone,” said Ms. Farida, mother of Aqib.

The Sahara Fund Progress Report January-June 204 

This report was prepared by the Hashoo Foundation¹s Social Welfare Department. This report illustrates major activities during the last six months of the Sahara Fund Programme.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Congratulations to Malala Yousafzai for Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize

Our heartiest congratulations to Malala Yousafzai for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Her bravery, strength and determination has encouraged hundreds of thousands of girls to fight for their rights to education.

Nobel winner Malala urges kids to stand up for rights


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rotary Books Distribution Event Invitation and MOU Signing Ceremony

Hashoo Foundation, Rotary Club Islamabad and Rotary Club Rawalpindi have successful implemented two projects in 2012 and 2013. We have distributed more than 75,000 books and educational material among 70 organizations and educational institutions across Pakistan and get benefited thousands of students and community members.

Hashoo Foundation (HF) Pakistan and Rotary Club Islamabad have received two containers with full of donated books and educational material under the Rotary Books for the World program. This is a charity donation by USA and Canadian citizens to aid literacy efforts in Pakistan, due to great efforts of Cristal Montanez executive director in US.

We received over 100 requests from different CSOs/NGOs/Educational Institutions from all over Pakistan. All these applications were thoroughly evaluated at Hashoo Foundation for their credibility and proper utilization of the donated Books.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zunaira A Young Girl with Big Dreams

At age 17, Zunaira is a confident and energetic girl with great ambitions. Living in a small village in Tehsil Yazman, District Bahawalpur,she recently passed her matriculation examination with flying colors and aspires to study medicine to become a professional doctor.

As money is tight in my home, I cannot keep depending on my parents but must support them” Zunaira notes with quiet composure. She is certainly on the right track. As the youngest Female Livestock Extension Worker (FLEW) of the USAID funded project “Improving Micro-Enterprises in Dairy,” Zunaira earns up to PKR 20,000 from practicing livestock vaccinations and first aid that she learnt during her 18 day long training.

I was so nervous in the beginning, wondering if I'll be able to put my knowledge into practice. People did not trust a young girl handling their precious livestock. But as time went by, I got better and so did the animals that I was treating. Now, I have a good reputation and travel to several villages if required.

Zunaira's hard work is financially rewarding and although she can now indulge in shopping for clothes or other frivolities, she has a bigger goal in sight. “I am contributing to my household income and saving up for my medical studies. Becoming a FLEW is a means to an end for me. My real passion is to serve humanity and become a top medical doctor."

Livestock is a primary source of income for many households in Tehsil Yazman. In the process of pursuing a noble cause Zunaira is fulfilling her talent and helping her community by providing an essential service that is to keep milking animals healthy. Zunaira has a long road ahead of her, but now has a head start.